Musical Moods

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about self esteem. I’ve realized that not very many people have good self esteem and if they seem like they do, they are usually faking it. But I’ve always like the saying Fake it till you make it. I use this saying to be confident. Its hard to come up with songs that fit this but I think I’ve come up with two good songs. I know its hard to have good self esteem but it is one of the most important things in life because it not only affects how you view yourself but how others view you too. I’ve been struggling lately with my weight. I know that I am not overweight or fat but I am at the top of the healthy range for BMI and I am only a couple of pounds away from being overweight for my height. This has a severe affect on my self esteem because it makes me view myself poorly. However, instead of being upset about it I have decided to be proactive about it. I am joining weight watchers and am forming an exercise plan. I am determined to lose about 8 pounds. I will keep you updated on my progress. It would mean a lot to me if I had people to support and motivate me. Also it is important to lose this weight for me and not for other people. If other people do not like me or have a problem with my weight than it is their problem. Plus, I my dress just came in and I am picking it up later today, I am anxious to see how it fits, but I know that it will fit perfectly once I lose a little weight and if I have to have it taken in, all the better! AND it is motivation to keep the weight off because if I get it altered as soon as I lose this weight then I will have to keep the weight off until June at least! So, this is my plan! On to the music!!!!

“Freckles” Natasha Bedingfield

“Unpretty” TLC


Musical Moods

So last weekend two of my roommates and I went to see Shakira in San Antonio. It was awesome! So now I have two new favorite songs.

“Gordita” Shakira


“Inevitable” Shakira

Musical Moods

Good morning! Today I am posting something that I am obsessed with: Christian Kane. I first saw Christian Kane on Angel and then again on Leverage, both really good shows. Well, it turns out he can sing, which I already knew because he sings on an episode of Angel and Leverage, he also has a band and an album. I’ve started listening to music to fall asleep and last night I listened to his song from Angel and his song from leverage so I am putting them both up here along with a song that reflects my newfound motivation to push myself in every aspect of my life. I stumbled upon this song this morning and I feel like it was meant to be. It is all about being a better person and just having fun. So without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my current obsession Christian Kane.

“LA Song” Christian Kane from an episode of Angel

“Thinking of You” Christian Kane from an episode of Leverage

“How I’m Living Now” Christian Kane

Musical Moods

So it is almost Wednesday and the middle of the week and I know that I could use some inspiration to make it through the rest of the week. Today I have some inspirational music for you. It is feel good music, music that makes you feel like you can do it. I currently obsessed with Mariah Carey’s older stuff. I checked out a cd from the library that has the Mariah Carey ballads. I know that Mariah Carey isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this is my musical mood. Feel free to comment on what your favorite Mariah Carey song is, or why you don’t like Mariah Carey.

“Hero” Mariah Carey


“When you Believe” Prince of Egypt or the Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston version

musical moods

Day 3 – I thought I would get this morning started with two fun songs to get you pumped up for the day and the week. One is a typical Monday song and the other was stuck in my head this morning and in my dream last night. Also, please comment on my blogs, it makes me feel loved. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this morning’s songs.

“Bulletproof” La Roux

and for those of you with the Monday blues:

“Manic Monday” Bangles


musical moods

Day 2 of my musical moods posts and now for something completely different. I have spent most of today studying and usually I study with the Pan’s Labrynth(?) soundtrack but I recently saw the film Cinema Paradiso in my Italian Film class and I LOVE the music. It is so moving and also makes great study music. I was tempted to use a scene from the movie but the one I really wanted was the last scene and I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone. I HIGHLY recommend this film. It is long but it is an amazing story. You will love the characters. So here is my musical mood for the day:

Cinema Paradiso

Musical Moods

So I’ve decided to start a new blog about different songs that reflect my mood or that I am currently obsessed with. To get it started I will put up three songs, but normally there will just be one or two. So there are two songs that I am currently obsessed with and one song that has kind of defined my feelings the last half of this week. I will start with an obsession song, then go to a mood song bc its kind of a downer, then go for an obsessed song. The obsessed songs do not reflect my mood they are just good songs. Also, my opinions are based on the songs, not the videos. On to the music:
“Up Here” Terra Naomi
This song is just so full of emotion and i love the beat and her passion. She reminds me of a combination of Alanis Morisette and Sara Barreilles. I just discovered this song today and already have it on my ipod.

“Impossible” Shontelle
I don’t know the actual intent or meaning behind this song but it really spoke to me. When I first listened to the lyrics I connected this song with a really personal event that I’ve been trying to deal with and this song is really helping me. To feel betrayed is one of the most awful feelings in the world. Trust is extremely important to me and to have that trust betrayed is awful. But this song is helping me realize that it is not my fault and I am stronger than that. What could have been doesn’t matter, what is now is what is important.

“Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)” Enrique Iglesias
This song is just so fun! I mean the lyrics are kinda sad but the beat and the sound of the ping pong ball make this song awesome! I just love it right now!

So that is it for today! I will be back with some more music for you at another time! Let me know if you like the songs or don’t like the songs and why. Also, what or how do these songs make YOU feel?


So, I realize that I haven’t blogged since I started. I actually kinda forgot that I had a blog until my friend Ashley pointed out that I haven’t posted anything. So I’m posting now. So, if you are reading this then you must slightly know me and you know that I don’t like guys very often. You also know that I like older guys and guys who play guitar. So, when you like someone you can either go for it because what the hell you’re never going to see them again. Except when the person works at a place where you like to hang out. Then if they turn you down you can’t really go back to that place. Well, last night I went out with two friends to a piano bar and there is this guy who works there, we will call him DC, Lauren and Winnie know why. Just think of someone famous whose name has the initials DC or message me. Anyways, I’ve seen him before and I always thought he was cute. Well, I thought that I caught him looking at me a couple times through out the night…of course he could have been looking at me because I was looking at him, but then again he was onstage where else was I supposed to look? Anyways, I decided, with some liquid courage, that I was just going to hit on him but right before we left so that if it went badly, eh we were leaving anyways. So its around 1:20, and I’m sticking to water for the rest of the night and I’m at the bar with one of my friends when this tall blonde chick walks up to DC, as we are calling him, and totally starts hitting on him. Well, of course liquid courage is starts to leave me and I start thinking, ‘I’m not as pretty as her, she is older than me, and has bigger boobs, and is taller than me’. So then I get all bummed out bc why would he like me compared to her and I tell Winnie this and being the amazing friend that she is, she replies ‘that she is a slut. she looks really slutty. you are so much better than her bc you look pretty but not slutty.’ Anyway, I end up not hitting on him, not because of the blonde, but because I never really saw an opening. So that is my story. Also, we are going back on Sunday for the fourth of July, so he might be working then. We’ll see. Any thoughts or comments or advice would be nice.

Random Thursday

I have finally turned in my Social Justice and the Church paper. It ended up being 12 pages. Yay! I’m pretty happy that I’m done. But now I have to work on my Early Renaissance Art paper. Its due Monday. yuck. Ok, enough griping about school. I will not talk about school again in this post.
So back to Glee… I agree with you Matt that it was very sudden for them to tear Will and Emma apart…but they made a mistake in putting them together so soon in the series. Same with Finn and Rachel. Anyone who has watched a tv show knows that the romance is what keeps people watching. Look at Bones and Booth, Lorlei and Luke, Kaylee and Simon. Two out of those three couples got together at the end of the series, of course it took a movie for Kaylee and Simon to get together. I am convinced that Booth and Bones will get together at the end of the series.
This leads me to my Ugly Betty series finale update. THE KISS! THE KISS! There was NO KISS! How could they not kiss?! I mean its kind of cool that they left it up to the viewer to decide whether Daniel and Betty will get together. But my roommate and I were shouting at the tv, KISS HER! KISS HER! But no! Overall it was a good episode. I was very impressed with Mark. He has changed so much since the first episode, even more than Betty.
Jasia and I volunteered for half an hour before class at the alumni garage sale. We got to price clothes that had been donated. Jasia and I are very good at pricing stuff. There was a general list of what things should be priced but we got to make the final decision. I based things on their brand. I liked to go a little bit above what things should be priced because people will barter. Jasia kept telling me that I was being too pricey. But battering is there for a reason.
Okay, I am going to mention school one more time, three hour classes should be outlawed. Making a class 3 hours can make even the most interesting class boring.
So the girl sitting next to me in class keeps giving me dirty looks. She ocassionally looks over with a glare/scowl on her face. I don’t smell, my clothes match. The only thing I can think of is that I am multi-tasking. I can listen and type my blog at the same time. Excuuuussse me for not writing down everything the teacher says like she is. I am still paying attention. Plus its none of her beeswax.
So as a closing thought I have a question for you: who is an actor or actress that you would buy a magazine just because they are on the cover, even if they only have one page in the actual magazine?

Random TV update

So I am supposed to be researching for my art history paper but after getting a papercut from one of the books I have decided that I am not meant to be researching right now. When I first mentioned that I was starting a blog one of my roommates said the Betty has a blog. Betty being Ugly Betty who by the way is no longer Ugly. Tonight is also the Series Finale. I don’t normally watch Ugly Betty. I watched the first couple of episodes when it started and now I’ve watched the past two episodes with my rommie. It is only fitting that I watch the finale. I will see the start and the end of Betty and (hopefully) Daniel. I totally think they will get together and I will be very disappointed if they do not.
On another note, I e-mailed my theology professor my paper today. It was supposed to be due yesterday but he extended it last week to tomorrow. We have to both e-mail it to him and turn in a hard copy. I got a confirmation email back from him and it said that he was very impressed that I turned it in early. Now I believe that this gives us a general insight into a teachers mind. Most professors think that all students wait until the last minute to turn papers in, which is probably true. But I have never pulled an all nighter. I may have stayed up to 2 am at the latest. Personally, I love my sleep too much. But I know many people who have pulled all nighters. I don’t know where I was going with this…I don’t think that I actually had a point. I just find this interesting.
P.S. I am totally rocking out to the music from last night’s GLEE episode. Is Mr. Shue bothering anyone else? I feel like he has a secret mean side. Random fact for all you GLEEKS, the guy who plays Jesse St. James was Lea Michele’s costar in the Broadway musical Spring Awakening. Also, I like him and I don’t want him to just be playing Rachel. But I don’t think it will last because he is listed as a guest star but hopefully a super reoccuring guest star!
Now that GLEE is back I can now start my countdown to True Blood coming back! I just bought a magazine with Alexander Skarsgard’s picture on the front. I think its a guy magazine but I don’t care because I bought it for the pictures of Eric and Jason. Bill is in there too for you Bill fans.

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